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Play tennis, golf, or picnic in the city park. Ride your bike or take a walk. Stroll through our many wonderful herb gardens or hike the varied trails at Hawn State Park only 15 miles away…

Ste. Genevieve Golf Club

The Ste. Genevieve Golf Club is a public course located just minutes from Ste. Genevieve. You can enjoy a round of golf on our player friendly 18 hole, par 72 course. The course has a restaurant, pro shop and banquet facility in the all new clubhouse. This is now a PGA sanctioned Family Course with various levels of Kid Tees for youths of all ages.

17450 Clubhouse Court
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670
For more information: 573-883-2949

Ste. Genevieve County Community Center

Visitors are welcome at the Ste. Genevieve County Community Center where the whole family can enjoy its unique swim center that includes playful water features, current pools and a water slide. Day passes may be purchased to work out in the fully equipped exercise center and indoor track - or just go 'shoot a few hoops' on the court. The center also provides an extensive library for all those bookworms who'd just like to find a good book to read.

West of Ste. Genevieve on St Hwy 32
For more information: 573-883-5244

Ste. Genevieve Disc Golf Course

Disc golf is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a flying disc, or Frisbee®. The sport was formalized in the 1970's, and shares with "ball golf" the object of completing each hole in the fewest number of strokes (or, in the case of disc golf, fewest number of throws). A golf disc is thrown from a tee area to a target which is the "hole". the hole can be one of a number of disc golf targets; the most common is called a Pole Hole® an elevated metal basket. As a player progresses down the fairway, he or she must make each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw has landed. The trees, shrubs, and terrain changes located in and around the fairways provide challenging obstacles for the golfer. Finally, the "putt" lands in the basket and the hole is completed.

Père Marquette Park
North Main Street at Mathews Drive
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670
For more information on Disc Golf go to: Professional Disc Golf Association
SGDGC Website:

Père Marquette Park

This scenic city park, named for the famous 17th century French Jesuit missionary, provides a perfect spot for that leasurely picnic or open space for the kids to play. The park features tennis courts, play structures, soccer & baseball fields and rest rooms.

North Main Street at Mathews Drive
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670

Hawn State Park

Just 15 minutes West of Ste. Genevieve, Hawn State Park is the best wilderness experience that nature has to offer. The nearly 5,000-acre park features beautifully manicured areas for day use and tent or RV camping. The River Aux Vases and Pickle Creek provide added fun for staying cool in the summer. Fauna of Dogwood and Redbud trees along with numerous types of wildflowers give the park a stunning backdrop for your experience. Fall is especially colorful with the trees in their full autumn attire. Maps are available for visitors for hiking the many trails there.

Take St Hwy 32, West of Ste. Genevieve on Hwy 144
For more information: 573-883-3603

Pickle Springs Natural Area

Pickle Springs Natural Area has been designated a Natural Landmark by the National Park Service for its biological and geological values as an undisturbed site. A two-mile trail named the 'Trail Through Time' winds through the park and guides the visitor through 500 million year old 'geologic wonders' carved in sandstone. The trail features clear streams, cool canyons, spectacular bluff views and 'The Slot', a crevice marked with holes, pockets and ridges. Visitors must climb through the 'Keyhole' to descend to the creek below. Twin foot bridges cross Bone Creek and pass Mossy Falls. The park is a 'primitive' natural area and does not have services. Be sure to bring a camera and plenty of liquids before hiking the trails.

Take Highway 32, just West of Ste. Genevieve on Highway AA
For more information: 573-883-3603
Website: Pickle Creek Natural Area

Magnolia Hollow

This rugged 1,740-acre area is bordered by Establishment Creek, Schmidt's Island and the Mississippi River. This hikers paradise features steep bluffs and scenic river views. Eagles are commonly sighted along the river in the winter months.

10 miles North of Ste. Genevieve off Highway 61 on Highway V
Website: MO Dept of Conservation

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